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The Khandige Wildlife Preservation (KWP) is located in Sirumalai hills, in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu drained by three rivers 2 of which are perennial flowing through the Khandige estate and into the plains as a series of waterfalls. This isolated group of hills receive an average of 120-132 cm rain during the months of October to December. Surrounded by  30,000 acres of reserve forest, this estate has a natural wealth of flora and fauna, particularly medicinal plants, which has been left untouched. The primary aim of this Khandige Wildlife Preservation is to conserve the bio-diversity of the Western Ghats and to prevent the destruction of this rich Eco-system.

For the last 2 decades, this privately owned verdant forest has been protected from all human activities and contact except the local tribes who are a part of the natural ecosystem. Conservation efforts requiring minimal human intervention have been made to support and expedite the rejuvenation of these forests.

We at KWP have consciously ensured that substantial portion of the earnings from the forest have been invested back in the conservation initiative.

In order to prove the genuinity of the biodiversity that we maintain at KWP, in the year 2001 we had engaged established environmental scientists to study the forestland. Subsequently the report was presented to the then President of India, Respected Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who promptly acknowledged our efforts.

We Preserve Nature!

Nature Preservation

Every acre we protect, every river mile restored, every species brought back from the brink, begins with you. Along with preserving the forest, its animals like Grizzled Giant Squirrel – which is considered as near threatened species in India have been protected in its natural habitat. Hence, we invite individuals and agencies willing to participate in conservation efforts of the bio diversity. We encourage and invite Nature & Environment Conservation Institutions to come and feel the richness of the truly bio diverse forest and share their experiences.

Wild Harvested & Organic Products

We, at KWP, are dedicated to providing you with the finest quality authentic Ayurveda and wellness products made using potent herbs which are sourced from our own lands and other certified organic sources. Some of them are products harvested in the wild like Goose Berry – India’s equivalent to Olives, healthy unadulterated Forest Honey , Pepper and many more!


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Letter from our beloved
Ex. President
Late. Shri A.P.J.Adbul Kalam

research documentation & reports

Bio-diversity Report - Ver 1.0



Submitted to
Khandige Herbs and Plantations (P) Ltd.

Estd. 1990

Principal Consultant
Abi Tamim Vanak

Associate Consultants
S.P. Vijayaumar, Dilip Venugopal, Vena Kapoor

Suggested Citation 
Vanak, Abi Tamim, Vijayakumar, S.P., Venugopal, D. and Vena, K. 2002. Inventory of the fauna and flora of the Khandige Estate, Sirumulai hills, Tamil Nadu. A consultancy report submitted to the Khandige Herbs and Plantations Pvt. Ltd.

©2002 – Khandige Herbs and Plantations Pvt. Ltd

Study of Moths at KWP – 
Moths Report

Study of Butterfly at KWP – 
Butterfly Report

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Tamil Nadu, India 624003
Landmark : Behind Biodiversity Park


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